Cancer Cells Often Appear in the Folds of the Body

cancer cells body folds

Overall the human body has the potential to become a thriving place and the growth of cancer cells into a phase of cancer if the pattern of life that is applied every day is far from healthy. In addition to lifestyle, external factors such as exposure to sunlight also can trigger DNA mutations to the formation of cancer cells.

Keep in mind, there are some parts of the human body in the form of folds that are vulnerable to the starting point of the emergence of abnormal cells. Check below =

  1. Eyelid.
    At the crease of the eye are prone to overgrown by skin cancer, with a percentage between 5% – 10%.
  2. Mouth.
    The inside of the mouth is also vulnerable to the initial location of the emergence of cancer of the mouth. Symptoms are sores that do not heal, up to two weeks or even more.
  3. Butt.
    In the folds of the buttocks is also susceptible to skin cancer, with symptoms such as a red rash and discomfort. This is especially if you like basking in the sun without protective lotion.
  4. Toes.
    Part of the toes is also vulnerable to the location of abnormal cell growth of cancer. The symptoms are spots that are not normal, not usually there, and colored.
  5. Nails.
    Nails can also be the location of the growth of skin cancer cells. The symptoms are discoloration of the skin pigment that is not usually, e.g., red or brown in parts of your nails.
  6. Back of the ear.
    This skin location is often neglected to be maintained, so as never treated or smeared with lotion and cream UV protection. Thus it is also prone to overgrown by skin cancer cells.

Be aware of any changes in skin color, or change the size of your body so that cancer can be treated as early as possible.


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