Carefully Exposed to This Disease If You See Solar Eclipse Directly

solar eclipse directly disease

A moment of total solar eclipse that will come next March 9, making many people curious to see it. But still must be considered in terms of health, for those of you who intend to see this natural phenomenon directly.

Use protective eye so that the risk of vision problems can be minimized. If not, then there is a disease that can afflict your eyes, you know.

Dr. Soefiandi Soedarman, SpM states that the disease called solar retinopathy would happen if sunlight in excess goes into the retina. Although rare, but you should avoid this risk.

The human eye already has a protection system for its health. When the sun is too scorching, and glare eyelids will shrink, the iris is also shrinking. Corneal also automatically shrink. The purpose is to secure the eye retina or the optic nerve so that it remains healthy.

When a solar eclipse, the sky turns dark in an instant, after scorching. This makes the eye responds with eyelids open wide, and the pupils will be dilated.

“As the moon began to cover the sun, the sky is getting dark. So eyelids do not close, sliced open as wide as possible because it takes light. And when the eye did not have such protection when the eclipse shifted, the sunlight will be up to the eyes, so often called eclipse can cause blindness,” said Dr. Soefiandi.

This case according to him is rare and only occurs in people who use drugs, drunk or not aware of the incident when the eye opening.

For normal people who want to be still able to enjoy a moment of solar eclipse, it is advisable to wear special sunglasses that have UV protection.

“Use glasses that have the protection of 100-400 nanometers,” he added as quoted from Liputan6 page.


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