Chronic Disease Treatment Method According to Body Clock

treatment method body clock

In the medical world, known term Chronotherapeutics or disease treatment method in accordance with the human body clock. Usually related disease cases of hypertension and asthma.

The study by the American Medical Association (AMA) indicates that asthma attacks suffered by more than 15 million Americans frequently occur at night, especially around 04.00 in the early hours.

So the methods of treatment that performed also have consequences in such a way to be effective when the inflammation of the respiratory system of the patient is strong. However, further research is still needed to create the effect that takes place at a certain time.

Asthma treatment method according body clock.

AMA said that treatment against asthma is more effective when done in the afternoon. This is in order to prevent the emergence of symptoms than during the day when symptoms have already occurred. Treatment of asthma is also more useful when setting treatment is at night because it can reduce the disease.

Treatment according to body clock is growing in the United States based on the principle that treatment should consider the biological rhythms, such as the adjustment of the body at night and day cycle, menstrual cycles in women once a month, or even the cycle of the seasons.

To be optimally effective and safe, drugs that will be given in patients should be designed properly, with the right amount, and the right time. The goal is to optimize the desired effect of the medicine, as well as to control the unwanted side effects of the treatment.

Hypertension and heart disease treatment method according body clock.

For vascular diseases such as hypertension and heart attack is usually already known, so blood tends clogged early in the day, and it is related to the stress that occurs during waking. By this then why heart attacks occur more often in the mornings.

Chronotherapeutics will also consider treatment with anticoagulants. This similarly applies to the emergence of pain in the morning as a result of arthritis.

The body clock does have an important role in the treatment of stress before menstruation, which affects approximately five percent of women and leads to changes in the patient’s behavior. Research also shows that the most effective treatment is combined with phototherapy, i.e., exposure to light and changes in sleep patterns to regulate biological rhythms.

Because it is evident that most of the symptoms of chronic diseases often associated with biological rhythms, as mentioned previously, ranging from cases of hypertension, asthma, arterial, epilepsy, migraine, chest pain, and stomach.

The above explanations reveal why the treatment of diseases must be adapted to the body clock. Well, for those who are suffering from an illness, immediately consult a doctor to get a proper handling for the sake of healing.


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