11 Tips for Dealing with Knee Pain Problems

dealing knee pain problems

The knee is one of the body’s joints that pretty easy to get injured. When there are swelling and stiffness, it felt pretty excruciating. Patients with knee pain may never feel 100 percent recovered. At one point, the pain came back.

The way that can be done is to try to handle and take precautions so that the knee pain is not getting worse. Quoted from the Times of India, there are 11 ways to deal with knee pain problem =

  1. For first aid on knee pain, you can use ice to compress. Its function is like a medicine to relieve pain. Insert ice cubes in a plastic covered with a cloth, so that the ice is not directly on the skin of the knee.
  2. Avoid risky activities that make the knee pain. For example, running, hiking, and so on, which give the overload on the kneecap.
  3. Be sure not to wear shoes with high heels and not hard material.
  4. If your legs do not have the same length, use shoe soles to manipulate the height of the foot in order to reach a balanced posture.
  5. Train the muscles of your legs with a corresponding movement. The exercise focused on strengthening the muscles of the thigh that are tangent to the knee. Consult your doctor on this movement for security.
  6. The back thigh muscles need to be well trained to build strength.
  7. Kind of food that is good for the knees and advised to be consumed are berry, ginger, avocado, flaxseed, fish rich in omega-3, and soybean.
  8. Keep your posture properly in a variety of situations. For example, put the sitting position is not too high or low in a chair, sitting cross-legged, and so on.
  9. Reduce eating foods that contain a lot of salt. This is because salt leads to water retention and swelling in the knee area.
  10. Consumption of certain vegetables may be required. Most people with arthritis can’t bear with sotanine. This substance is in the green pepper, red pepper, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, and potatoes.
  11. Vitamin C is good for the knees. This vitamin can keep the shape of the knee in normal circumstances.

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