Excessive Exercise Can Be Risky Bad for the Heart

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Exercise habits are certainly good for your health. By doing exercise regularly then there are many benefits that are stored on it. Some types of diseases can also be removed with regular exercise that is proportionate. However, there is also a risk that is stored if you are doing excessive exercise activities.

A study conducted by the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Melbourne, Australia revealed that heart health could be disturbed if you do excessive exercise activities. They examined the link between exercise and health of that vital organs.

Reported by thehealthsite page, when someone in a high-intensity exercise on a regular basis, there will be structural changes in the heart. And it happened for a permanent because the exercise activities are also routinely performed.

The proof is by the increasing prevalence of atrial fibrillation, or abnormal heart rhythm condition becomes more erratic in people who practice excessive exercise.

Of course, this is a matter that should not be overlooked, because everything that is excessive, it is not recommended. The study is intended to answer ambiguous facts related to the uncomfortable conditions related to heart conditions in people who exercise regularly every day.

Research shows optimum frequency in the exercise is three times a week. Exercise if performed more than five times a week can even improve physical and psychological complications.


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