6 Signs of the Presence of Cancer in the Skin Surface

signs cancer skin surface

A terrible disease like cancer is not just to look out for, but also anticipated as early as possible the symptoms. Thus the treatment can be performed more quickly and accurately, before the cancer spread.

Some of the symptoms of cancer in the skin surface can be seen by naked eye, and easily recognizable. You just need to know what the symptoms were, for the early detection of cancer in a person. Here are reported from Vemale page, for additional information for you =

  1. Bruising and bleeding.
    If the bleeding that cannot be stopped in the skin due to injury, then beware of blood cancer or leukemia. Likewise, bruises did not disappear for a long time, a sign the production of red and white blood cells in the body is in trouble.
  2. Face swelling.
    The condition of the swollen face could be a symptom of lung cancer. It is the result of water that fills the organ but difficult to removed from it. A buildup of water that makes a face look swollen.
  3. Nails turns ugly.
    Normal nail surface will be smooth and clean. But if it arises brown or black spots on the nails, beware of skin cancer. Then if there is a difference, nails grow into larger, wary of the symptoms of lung cancer. Different again if the nail becomes pale or white, then it could be a sign of liver cancer.
  4. Bumps on the skin.
    The emergence of bumps on the surface of the skin without any definite cause also should be wary. There is a possibility of things going wrong in the lymphatic system of the body. Or symptoms of tumors in the skin.
  5. Severe mouth ulcers.
    Mouth ulcers that do not heal also very disturbing and could be a sign that you are experiencing melanoma or skin cancer. This severe mouth ulcer sometimes bloody and going for weeks.
  6. Breast lumps.
    A lump in the skin or under the surface of the skin of the breast is an early sign of breast cancer. It can be palpated if you routinely perform breast self-examination.

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