Disadvantage Due to Often Hold Urine

disadvantage often hold urine

You often hold to urinate due to the condition of the toilets that dirty, or because you’re busy working? Better not again do this bad habit because it can cause harm to yourself.

When the body gives signals that you need to immediately urinate or pee, then it is healthy and normal. The bladder that holds urine has a maximum limit of storing the impurities in the liquid form. Signal to empty the bladder given if the condition is almost full.

A study suggests that if you often hold urine, then the risk of urinary tract infections will be very big to happen to you.

Reported by cosmopolitan.co.uk page, the trigger is a bacteria present in the urine in the bladder. For too long the urine is in this organ can make the bacteria eventually settles. Though urine should not have been there, and must be disposed of if the signal is already being felt.

“Resist the urge to pee will just make the bacteria that should be coming out through the urine becomes settles on your body,” according to an article from the study.

Bacteria that settle and breed in the urinary organs at its peak will cause an infection.

Not only that, the muscles that regulate urine expenditure could also be damaged or no longer sensitive and functioning properly. So it would be pointless to hold urine for long.

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