Stroke Risk Higher If Giving Birth at the Age of 40 Years

stroke risk giving birth

Every woman will want to have a cute son and daughter in their family. But sometimes a soul mate comes when age is already nearing 40 years old, so at that vulnerable age, women will get pregnant for the first time. It is no secret that when a woman gives birth at that age, there are many health risks that lurk. One of them is a stroke.

Page Daily Mail reported that study results showed that the risk of stroke in women who gave birth at the age of 40 years and over would be higher, up to 60 percent compared to those under that age.

Not only that, women who delay pregnancy or marriage until old age, also in the future will be more likely to experience a heart attack or stroke and cardiovascular problems.

Research involving 72,000 women in England performed because lately women are more preoccupied with careers and not interested in getting married until their lives are already very well established. Not only in the UK, but the condition also occurs in many other countries.

Though doctors have warned of the risk of giving birth at the age of 40 years are vulnerable, not only for the health of the mother but at the risk of fetal conditions can be born with disabilities too.

In England and Wales, it is evident that the proportion of births when the mother was 40 years old increased to 3 times in 30 years. Office for National Statistics released data that many women today prefer career until the age of 40 years, and neglecting to marry or get pregnant.


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