5 Unique Facts About Human Tongue That Makes Amazed

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unique facts human tongue

Without the tongue, humans will not be able to speak and also enjoy food and drinks. The tongue is the sense of taste that has remarkable functions, although not visible from the outside and somewhat amused to see it.

To appreciate the existence of the tongue and add information, there are some unique facts that you can see on the tongue as follows =

If you observe, on the surface of the tongue there is such a small circle that meets the upper part. It’s called papillae that turned out to be very important to enjoy the taste of the food. Papillae have taste receptors on each end surface, which enables humans to sense a wide variety of flavors.

However, only five types of taste are able to be translated by the tongue, i.e. sweetness, saltiness, bitterness, sourness, spicy taste, and the latter is a savory taste or umami taste (Japan).

As with all cells in the human body, tongue cells will regenerate within 10-14 days. The cell will change from basal cells into taste cells. The food that is too hot will make the cell dies, it is recommended not to eat a dish that is too hot.

Smoking is very bad for the body, including can make the tongue sensitivity worsen, and eventually become insensitive. You will be less sensitive to taste the various flavors of food and beverages.

There are certain people who have a higher sensitivity and can savor the flavor carefully. They are called supertasters. Works by this ability is sometimes paid by food manufacturers.

How to maintain the health and hygiene of the tongue is by rubbing gently with a toothbrush on the papilla, so that the white surface on the top of the tongue will disappear.


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