Early Symptoms of Miscarriage You Need to Look Out For

early symptoms of miscarriage

The gestational age early or first trimester is a vulnerable period for the fetus because at the time of embryo formation process is still ongoing. The most sinister threats that often feared by the mother is a miscarriage. Although already avoid some restrictions in maintaining a healthy pregnancy, there is still a risk of miscarriage.

Therefore, it’s good if a mother knows what are the early symptoms of miscarriage as anticipation steps if there were bad things. Launched by parents.com page, here are some initial signs =

  1. Bleeding.
    If you experience bleeding during early pregnancy, then immediately contact your doctor in order to know the cause. Generally, miscarriages begin with bleeding, but not all bleeding mean miscarriage.
  2. Pain.
    Normally during pregnancy, mothers do not feel pain in the abdomen. Therefore, if the pain or illness appear unusual in the area of the pelvis, back, and abdomen like cramps or menstrual pain, you need to be vigilant.
  3. Fetus not moving.
    In early pregnancy, the fetus is noticeably moving on. If you feel the liveliness of the fetus is reduced, or even silent for a long time, then immediately contact the medical side to know the cause.
  4. No longer feeling nauseous all of a sudden.
    If during early pregnancy, you experience symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, breast tight and it suddenly stopped in the first or second trimester of gestation and accompanied by the symptoms above, there may be a problem. Immediately contact your doctor for clarification and further investigation.

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