How to Eliminate Bad Mood with Food

eliminate bad mood food

Bad mood such as sadness, depression, stress, anger, disappointment and another negative mood indeed make the days so annoying. Eliminating these feelings rather than difficult, it’s just that there must be a certain effort in turning it into a positive feeling again. One easy way to change the bad mood is to eat lots of certain foods.

  1. Broccoli.
    This green vegetable is very well taken every day. Nutrition chromium in it is useful for the improvement of the hormone serotonin, norepinephrine, and melatonin which serves to make happy and change the negative mood.
  2. Cashews.
    Not only tasty and delicious, cashews useful for improving antidepressant response. The nutritional content of zinc in it can help increase appetite, distanced depression, and increase the body’s immune.
  3. Salmon.
    Salmon contains vitamin D, which gives a good effect of turning a bad mood into a good mood. Additionally, sunlight, milk and egg yolks also have vitamin D which can provide the same effect.
  4. Spinach.
    Minerals such as magnesium are excellent for increasing serotonin or happy hormone. If the body is deficient in these minerals, then you will be prone to depression, sleeplessness, and easy bad mood.

Endurance in the face of various challenges both physically and mentally can you be strengthened with the consumption of nutritious foods.

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