5 Delicious Drinks That Effective to Overcome Acid Reflux

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Stomach acid problems can be experienced by everyone, without no specific age limit. The triggers are the wrong diet, alcohol consumption, spicy foods, stress, excessive anxiety, peptic ulcer, and several other causes.

The symptoms often felt when experiencing acid reflux are flatulence, burning sensation in the chest, belching, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and discomfort in the mouth and neck.

If the disease were to relapse, then you can try to consume some kind of tasty and natural drinks such as the following, reported by Boldsky page =

  1. Carrot juice.
    Carrot juice can help with acid reflux, and also can make digestion become more healthy. Consumption twice a day to neutralize your stomach acid, and feel the benefits.
  2. Milk and honey.
    This drink helps coat the stomach wall so as not to feel pain and can neutralize stomach acid. Honey will soothe the stomach and strengthen the digestive organs.
  3. Lemon juice.
    Lemon juice is believed to normalize the pH level in the body, so it is more alkaline. It is useful to make your stomach acid disease subsides. This drink is also used by people who are implementing dietary food combining to be consumed first in the morning.
  4. Ginger and lemon.
    A glass of warm ginger plus a little lemon juice can make your stomach calm for a moment.
  5. Cinnamon tea.
    Cinnamon brewed with hot water will be fragrant and soothing drinks. The caramative substance in cinnamon will reduce gas production that triggers flatulence. Consumption twice a day to help nourish your stomach again. Good luck.

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