8 Tips for Sleeping More Comfortable During Flu

tips sleeping comfortable during flu

Flu and colds so easily experienced during the rainy season like now. Nasal congestion, cough, headaches, fever, excruciating when it infects the body. What’s more, when the flu comes usually accompanied by uncomfortable sleep. Sometimes, during sleep accompanied by nightmares, especially if a fever attack.

Worsening sleep quality during this flu should look for the way out. This is because the flu must be combated with good body immunity and one of them through the good quality of sleep. Quoted from the Huffington Post, there are some tips that can be applied to restore the quality of sleep during the flu =

  1. Be careful in taking cold medicine.
    Not all flu medicine is appropriate for you. Sometimes there are side effects that appear such as restless and increased heart rate. Decongestant pseudoephedrine substances are likely to cause side effects. The medicines that are sold freely on the market it is possible to have a higher dose than is needed. The medicines often combine content to treat symptoms combined with a calming effect.
  2. Prop your head higher while sleeping.
    It can make you breathe easier, relieve pressure in the sinuses, and prevent choking due to nasal mucus.
  3. Bath with warm water tends to make the body more ready for sleep.
    Hot steam water also helps relieve the symptoms of flu and colds. So, you are also easier to sleep with breath a little more relieved.
  4. Drink tea.
    Hot tea helps the mind more relaxed and thins mucus. Add honey to get the reaction of appeasement to the body more effectively and helps to treat a sore throat.
  5. Always keep enough water throughout the day.
    The body hydrated helps reduce reaction to nasal congestion. In addition, when you have to breathe through the mouth or coughing, all of it contributed to the evaporation of the fluid in the body. Provide bottled drinking water which always near you.
  6. Reduce a lot of sleep during the day.
    Therefore, it makes you can not fall asleep when night falls. Your body still felt to be awake.
  7. Set the atmosphere of bed as comfortable and clean as possible.
    Make sure the room is quiet, dark, not hot, so you easily sleep until morning.
  8. Don’t consume sleeping pills.
    Because, the reaction of sleeping pills with flu medicines that tend to be alcohol-based, can cause dangerous reactions.

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