Some Kind of Healthy Drinks for Consumption in the Morning

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healthy drinks in morning

In the morning when you wake up is recommended to drink first so that the body regain the need for fluids. In addition, the body also needs to dispose of a variety of toxins that settles the results of the rest of the metabolism overnight, so it requires a lot of fluid in the process.

So before eating your breakfast highly recommended consuming some types of drinks below as reported by Boldsky page. Just choose according to your taste, because each is providing positive benefits to the body.

  1. Warm turmeric water.
    Turmeric water contains a high antioxidant that is preventing cancer. Not only that, but turmeric is also useful to lower high cholesterol levels and inflammation. Before eating anything, a glass of turmeric water is very refreshing and can launch the body’s metabolism, you know.
  2. Garlic water.
    Pieces of garlic brewed with hot water are also good to drink in the morning. An empty stomach will absorb a variety of benefits quickly, i.e. improving blood circulation, improve heart function, are also to be antimicrobial.
  3. Warm ginger.
    Warm ginger water is also good for health because has anti-inflammatory benefits, healthy digestion, and boost immunity. There are vitamin C and magnesium in it that your body needs to be more healthy and fit.
  4. Warm water.
    Just warm water is also useful for the body, you know because it increases the metabolism by up to 25% in the morning. You will be free from constipation and abdominal pain. 500ml enough as an opener in the morning. More healthy again if you add a little lemon or lime.

Avoid drinking tea or coffee before eating anything because of the high caffeine content.


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