5 Myths About Migraines That Often Believed

myths about migraines

Suffer from migraines will make all activities be hampered, because of pain in one side of the head is indeed very excruciating. Sometimes the symptoms are followed by nausea and vomiting and difficulty speaking and glare when viewing a bright light.

Migraine sufferers can feel pain in an uncertain period of time, from several hours to days, known as migraine cycle. For patients with an acute migraine, even pain can last for weeks.

Here are some myths about migraines that is trusted by many people, but it is not true =

  1. A migraine is same as headaches, it’s wrong. The truth is that migraine is a neurological condition, and headache is one of the symptoms.
  2. The myth that only women who suffer from migraines, it’s wrong. Because in fact, there are also men who experience this condition even though there were only 8 percent.
  3. A migraine can not be cured completely because this disease will always relapse. This is just a myth because health experts have several therapies that can cure a migraine in total as well as prevent relapse.
  4. A migraine is not dangerous and not life threatening, it’s wrong. Even migraines can cause death, and linked to stroke.
  5. Stress is a major cause of a migraine, when in fact, the condition of the nerves in the head that narrows the one that triggers the disease. And stress is only one cause, in addition to some other cause.

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