5 Benefits of Star Fruit for Health

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star fruit benefits

Star fruit is very good for consumption by people who want to lose weight because it contains low calories. Not only that, but the high fiber in this fruit also has a good effect on digestion. It prevents constipation and reduces fat in the body.

Star fruit also tastes sweet and fresh. No wonder if star fruit is often processed into syrup, salad, or juice. Star fruit also can provide more benefits for human health. Here are the benefits provided by star fruit, as reported by prevention page =

  1. Bad cholesterol that accumulates in the body can down dramatically with regular consumption of star fruit.
  2. High in vitamin C and antioxidants, useful to meet the daily needs of the body up to 57%. It serves to protect against free radical damage.
  3. Vitamin B on star fruit can aid the metabolism so that the process of synthesis of the vitamin in the body can work well.
  4. Star fruit juice helps in detoxification or disposal of toxins in the body, because it is a diuretic or trigger urination.
  5. For more healthy skin and fresh, you can also eat star fruit regularly. Vitamin C is the agent that helps eliminate wrinkles in the skin.

But for those of you who have low blood pressure, eating star fruit is not recommended. Star fruit also serves to lower blood pressure, so it will lead you easily dizziness and fatigue due to low blood. Good luck.

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