4 Foods That Will Make Flu Disease Become More Severe

foods flu disease

Flu disease could be easily attacked when the condition of one’s body is down, or have a weak immune system. At that time the virus or bacteria that are around can easily make you sick. No matter how often you wash your hands to prevent the virus from the body, just remember that the virus can also fly through the air and inhaled by the nose.

Selection of the wrong foods can aggravate the condition of your flu disease, even in just 60 minutes. Do not believe? Page Prevention launched following 4 types of foods that will exacerbate the symptoms of flu disease =

  1. Foods containing sugar.
    Food and sugary drinks will trigger inflammation, which makes white blood cells become weak, said Alissa Rumsey a nutritionist and spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. That’s why when you’re sick you should stay away from sweets, sweet pastry, and soda or other soft drinks.
  2. Dairy products.
    In some people who are allergic to dairy products, this drink will exacerbate phlegm and mucus production. You will be tortured if consuming milk products at the time of being sick. But not everyone experienced so that you yourself can measure your body condition.
  3. Alcohol.
    Drinks or foods containing alcohol there should be avoided because it would exacerbate your flu condition. Alcohol can trigger inflammation to weaken the white blood cells, making you dehydrated, adding dizziness, and a series of another suffering.
  4. Refined carbohydrates.
    Examples are bread or crackers. This food will be easily digested by the body into sugar, and cause the same effect as when you eat sugar, which weakens the white blood cells.

So it is best to avoid these foods when you have the flu.


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