10 Types of Toxins That Harmful to Body Health

types of toxins harmful

Why do our bodies often sick? The answer is because our bodies do not have a powerful immune power? Then, why the resistance of our body cannot be maximized? The main reason due to the presence of various toxins or poisons in our bodies. Thus, a brief overview from dr. Purushothaman Munirathinam.

Toxin or poison turns out to have a very large role in harming the organ function and metabolic processes of our body.

Not only that, 10 types of toxins that are harmful to the body sometimes causes the body’s natural healing process is not optimal, because of the many toxins that continue to increase in line with the pattern of life that is not healthy.

According to dr. Pure, there are four toxins that are harmful to the health of organ function, call it fat, carbohydrates, urea and carbon dioxide.

While there are six other types of toxins caused by sources that are outside our control. For example, such as air pollution, preservatives and food coloring, artificial flavoring substances, bacteria / viruses, heavy metals, and chemicals from fertilizer and pesticide products.

“Of course our body has high adaptability in order to survive. However, over time the body will be difficult to maintain immune and thus require thorough methods, such as detoxification for the sake of releasing toxins in the body,” said dr. Puru, the author of Detox Yoga ‘Instant Ways to Lose Weight’.


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