Tips to Lose Weight Quickly with Black Cumin

lose weight black cumin

Has exceeded the limit of ideal body weight not only makes people less confident but also less healthy. But losing weight for most people is not an easy matter. Although already tried the various diet, but the weight is still hard to get down.

Well, these tips you can try to lose weight quickly. The material is simple, by using black cumin and lemon. These herbs are not only easy to get, cheap, and simple, but the main thing is it efficacious to speed up metabolism and burn calories.

Reported by Boldsky page, a study has been conducted in order to test the efficacy of black cumin to the process of losing weight. 88 women who entered the obesity category given a concoction of black cumin and lemon in 2 weeks, the results were surprising.

They lose weight in an amount more than the other diet, cholesterol levels are also reduced. How is the secret recipe of black cumin in burning fat? Here are the ingredients that need to be prepared =

2 tablespoons black cumin and lemon (halved and squeezed the water).

It’s easy, you have to soak the black cumin to soften for 1 night, then the next morning the black cumin boiled with 1 cup of water. After boiling turn off the heat.

Strain water from the boiled black cumin, after warm mix with lemon juice. Drink a glass in the morning when you get up from bed and stomach is empty.

After drinking the mixture, do not eat first until 30 minutes later. Repeat for up to 2 weeks the habit of drinking lemon juice and black cumin. After that, you try to weigh your weight and see the results. For sure you will be pleasantly surprised. Good luck.


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