4 Benefits of Water Spinach for Health

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water spinach benefits

Water spinach is definitely not a strange vegetable for you and your family. These vegetables are rich in water, and it is sold in the market at a low price. Not only cheap, but water spinach is also delicious. Did you know that water spinach also saves a great benefit to your health? It could even be argued that these benefits are expensive because today to seek treatment is not cheap. What are the benefits of water spinach?

  1. Lowering cholesterol.
    Eating boiled water spinach can lower cholesterol levels in the blood, so says a study. Of course, this is very good for your heart health and also protected from a stroke.
  2. Eye health.
    Unconsciously, it turns water spinach also a source of vitamin A and beta-carotene. Both are useful for treating eye health and avoid the disease that attacks the eye.
  3. The body’s immune system.
    These green vegetables are also able to boost the immune system that is down due to changes in weather. Useful for warding off the arrival of diseases caused by viruses, because it has vitamin C.
  4. Skin disease.
    Skin diseases i.e. ringworm can also be addressed with the help of water spinach consumption because a substance called antihelmintic in it. The way by smoothing the water spinach, and then stick to the skin that affected by ringworm.

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