5 Negative Effects of Excessive Caffeine Consumption

excessive caffeine consumption

The caffeine contained in drinks such as coffee, chocolate, and tea as well as some energy drinks. There are some positive effects of consuming these drinks, but as the two sides of the coin, there is also a negative effect on the consumption of beverages that containing caffeine.

Caffeine that entered into the body stimulates the central nervous, cardiovascular, and muscle and blood pressure to rise. So what if the negative effects of drinking caffeinated beverages in large quantities? Here as quoted from page cheatsheet.com =

  1. Stress.
    The more you consume caffeinated beverages, the likelihood of stress would be greater. This is due to increased blood pressure causes stress hormones more produced by the body.
  2. The nervous system is disrupted.
    The central nervous system may be affected more if you drink caffeine. This happens because the body’s natural response to feel sleepy and want to sleep ignored by the brain. Caffeine inhibits brain receptors to respond to adenosine, which served to inform that you need to sleep and rest. That’s why when drinking caffeine then you will lose drowsiness and even harder to work. This is dangerous because the body needs time to rest.
  3. Raise the weight.
    The content of calories in a glass of latte, energy drinks and other sugary caffeine beverage type is very high, about 250 calories. That means drinking two glasses only, then needs half the calories per day have been fulfilled. And you certainly also eat a variety of foods and beverages other than 2 cups of latte. No wonder your weight will go up faster.
  4. Depression.
    Though not cause depression, but caffeinated beverages will make depression worse. This is caused by a reduction in the ideal sleep time, as well as high-calorie that triggered the depression becomes severe.
  5. Ulcer and other diseases.
    Some people also experience problems with excess stomach acid and stomach ulcers due to consumption of caffeine. So slowly you should be able to leave the consumption of drinks with a high caffeine content to be more healthy.

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