7 Signs and Symptoms of Colon Cancer

colon cancer signs symptoms

Colon or colorectal cancer is one disease that attacks in people aged over 50 years. But it needs to be understood, the cause of this cancer can be started from a young age that implements an unhealthy lifestyle, especially in the food and beverages consumed. For example, too often consuming foods high in animal fats, eat less fruit and vegetables, eating less fiber, like smoking and other factors that trigger the growth of cancer cells in the colon.

Even though so, colon cancer can also arise due to hereditary factors. This cancer is also known to appear to accompany the history of colitis or Crohn’s disease. In patients with colon cancer, abnormal cells grow out of control in the colon area. For diagnosing, colonoscopy tools may be required, to view the conditions in the gut.

As a form of vigilance, you need to recognize the symptoms. If symptoms are found, you should immediately consult a doctor to see the correct diagnosis on the symptoms. Quoted by the Times of India, following the signs of colon cancer =

  1. There is blood in the stool.
    Stool color becomes black or black spots. A form of stool turned into a long but thin. When there is blood on the texture, have suspected there is a problem in the digestive tract. The appearance of blood in the stool can also be due to other cancer types.
  2. The body is deprived of blood (anemia).
    Because of a lot of blood out through the stool. In effect, sufferers become easily tired and face look pale.
  3. Often feel exhausted.
    Which should be suspected if fatigue is accompanied by bloody stools and other signs, may need time to check the condition of your body.
  4. Experience weight loss for no apparent reason.
    This condition is often found in some types of cancer such as cancer of the pancreas, stomach, esophagus, and lungs. Weight loss is quite significant. If you see your body suddenly skinny without cause, trying to do health checks.
  5. There is a change in bowel pattern.
    Often found colon cancer sufferers have constipation, diarrhea, gut feeling is not empty after urination, cramps in the rectum, and stool frequency is above normal.
  6. Stomach feels uncomfortable.
    So, can appear the cramps, pain, inflammation, and bloating.
  7. People with obesity are more at risk of this cancer than skinny people.

As a precaution, you should do screening if encountered such signs. Treatment at an early stage is more likely to recover. Additionally, diligent exercise, physically active, eating fruits and vegetables, and filled with other fiber-rich foods. Keep your weight remains ideal and stop smoking.

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