If Consumed Together, 4 of These Foods Can Invite Disease

foods can invite disease

There are some foods that are very tasty when eaten together. But you need to know that a combination of several types of food is not always good for health. Taste good but have a bad impact because it could trigger the disease.

The most rapid effect is stomach to be bloated, or blood sugar levels soaring. This happens because the substances in it react with each other. Quoted from Huffingtonpost page, here are some foods that should not be taken together because it can invite disease =

  1. Black tea and milk.
    Drinking black tea is healthy because it has a high antioxidant content. But if you mix with milk, then the good effects of antioxidants will decrease or even disappear. Instead, the content of calcium in milk also cannot be absorbed by the body because the caffeine in tea tied it.
  2. White bread and jam.
    Eating bread and jam turned out to have side effects that are less good for the body. The content of carbohydrates in the bread that added sugar in a jam will keep blood sugar levels to rise quickly. As a result, the body and the pancreas will work hard to produce insulin which served to lower blood sugar levels.
  3. Alcohol and caffeine.
    The study from Wake Forest University School of Medicine found that caffeine combined with alcohol instead of reducing the effects of a hangover instead will exacerbate. So it is advisable not to drink coffee or tea after drinking alcohol.
  4. Soy and red wine.
    Wine contains tannins, which if met with the iron present in soy or nuts, then the body’s reaction is difficult to absorb minerals in food.

A combination of the foods above is not good for health so it should indeed be avoided.


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