6 Types of Urine Smell That Indicates Health Problems

urine smell health problems

Urine may indicate the extent to which your body healthy. From the diagnosis in the urine, a person can be observed the possibility of developing a disease. Normal urine has a yellowish color and not smelly. In addition, urine output frequency that healthy is not too often if there is no previous cause. If there is a difference of reasonableness, there could be problems in the body.

Quoted by Okezone from Times of India page, the state of the urine like this, it indicates the occurrence of health problems in the body =

  1. Urine smells like burnt aroma.
    It is a sign of a urinary tract infection (UTI). The trigger, among others, the presence of germs that cause sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
  2. Urine smells sweet.
    This shows the sugar content in the blood is very high. People who experienced it at risk of getting diabetes if not addressed. In fact, the urine will be surrounded by ants. Smells like that not affected a number of sweet foods, so the need to consult a doctor.
  3. Urine form a layer of foam.
    Foamy urine that indicates an infection in the body due to the excretion of bacteria and leukocytes. Normally, urine has a yellow color does not cause foam.
  4. Urine looks a bit red.
    If you eat foods rich in red pigments such as beets and blueberries, it will disappear by itself. But if it is not accompanied by obvious cause, it is necessary to consult a doctor. There may be a disease that infects the body.
  5. Foul-smelling urine.
    It smells like rotten fish and indicates infection. Generally, the smell of urine does not smell too strong.
  6. Blood found in the urine.
    This indicates a disease called hematuria. Patients have blood in the urine and feel pain. The trigger can be varied, such as cancer, infection, up to a stone in the urinary tract.

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