13 Causes of Excessive Sweating During Sleep at Night

excessive sweating sleep night

Some people often experience excessive sweating while sleeping at night, although the air is not hot. This can happen for a number of physical conditions that are less healthy, and may not be realized by themselves.

Consumption of certain types of medication can also give the side effects of excessive sweating while sleeping. Usually the type of anti-depressant drugs, hormone therapy drugs and diabetes drugs that include the type of hypoglycemic agents that trigger excessive sweating at night.

In addition, the following are some of the health disorder or disease being experienced by someone, so that trigger excessive sweating during sleep at night =

  1. Tuberculosis.
  2. Excessive anxiety.
  3. Damage to the autonomic nerves.
  4. Brucellosis or type of bacterial infection.
  5. A tumor that leads to cancer, to trigger the carcinoid syndrome.
  6. Endocarditis (infection of the heart organ).
  7. HIV infection.
  8. Overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism).
  9. Leukemia.
  10. For women, it could be a sign of menopause.
  11. Sleep apnea or sleep disorders.
  12. Symptoms of stroke.
  13. Diseases that occur in the lymph organs, and others.

If you experience these conditions, the number of unnatural sweating at night, accompanied by complaints on your health, then immediately checks at the nearest hospital or doctor. As early as possible carry out a complete check would be much better for your health treatment.


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