Consequently When Kids School Bag Too Heavy!

school bag too heavy

Often considered trivial but highly vulnerable, that’s what happened on the issue of the impact of a child’s school bag that is too heavy. Not only will troublesome the children when going to school, due to the heavy load on the child’s back will actually trigger the body skeletal abnormalities and nerve damage when adult.

Problems caused by the child’s school bag that is too heavy on the back, it is caused by many factors. Backs will also be increased pain resulting from the wrong exercise, sitting the wrong way, or too long do not perform the activity and if the child brings the whole book, the backbone of children which consists of 33 vertebrae will act as a natural buffer shocks.

Additionally, when the load is too heavy, such as a backpack filled with books that incorrectly placed on the shoulders of the child, consequently able to push the child’s body to the back.

So, to balance, the child usually arching their back. This condition can actually cause the spine holding the load unnaturally. Due to a heavy load, the child can begin to feel pain in the shoulder, neck, as well as the risk of pain mentioned above, because their small and weak bodies are forced to carry heavy loads.

Not only that, a backpack with straps tight and narrow and coupled with a heavy load will pull the shoulder, thus disrupting the blood circulation and nerve.

These types of straps can cause numbness and weakness in the arms and hands of children. Oversized and heavy backpack not only the cause of back pain in children but also a pain in other parts of the body as well as the tendency of the body skeletal abnormalities or scoliosis.


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