6 Causes of Skin Often Bruising Suddenly

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skin bruising causes

Ever experienced bruising that suddenly appeared in some parts of the skin? The surface of the skin changes color to bluish or purplish and experienced swelling generally arise in the case of collision or injury. But in addition to these effects, there are some other triggers so that the bruising could suddenly appear.

Here are some of the triggers why bruises can appear suddenly, quoted from Boldsky page =

  1. Diabetes.
    The initial symptoms of diabetes are the emergence of a kind of bruising on the surface of the skin due to weak blood vessels and capillaries bleeding internally. It makes the skin look flushed or bluish.
  2. Muscles work hard.
    Muscle work that is too heavy also triggered a bruising. It usually appears when after exercise or walk long distances due to ruptured blood vessels.
  3. Old age.
    When someone is aging, the production of collagen on the skin surface will be reduced so that the skin layers become thinner. This is what makes bruises easily arise because of unclear causes.
  4. Hemophilia.
    Blood clotting disease or hemophilia also triggers the skin surface very easily bruised. Just a little physical contact will cause blood vessel rupture.
  5. Drugs.
    Consumption of drugs like aspirin, contraceptives, and steroids can also cause bruises on the skin.
  6. Purpura dermatosis.
    This is a condition where the blood seeping from the sidelines of small capillaries, so it seemed to be bruised purple.

So the bruises did not always happen as a result of the collision on the surface of the skin, but can also be triggered by other problems.


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