Blurred Vision a Few Minutes May Be Symptoms of a Stroke

blurred vision stroke symptoms

Disease risk in heart attack or stroke turns can be detected the symptoms through brain disorders to the nerves. It is found in men 77 years old from Greece. He experienced blurred vision in his right eye for five minutes and then back to normal. He experienced this anomaly as many as three times before finally went to the doctor.

From the diagnosis at the eye clinic, he was otherwise normal. However found dilated pupils. In addition, there is a kind of clot that is known to inhibit the flow of blood in one of the branches of the retinal artery.

“But even though it’s small, it’s not just any clots because it indicates a serious health problem,” said Dr. Ilias Georgalas, assistant professor of ophthalmology at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens as quoted from Detik Health.

Doctors say blob in the center of the eye is quite dangerous. He is also at risk of fatal stroke. This is further strengthened by the fact if he does not have a history of eye disease before. He is known to have high cholesterol and should eat a statin drug in the last five years.

He also diagnosed experiencing amaurosis fugax. This is the state of a person who experienced haziness eye for several minutes due to interruption of blood flow in the artery. In that case, he had a blood clot due to hardening of the arteries and plaque removal is necessary to prevent a stroke.

“Clots formed in the carotid artery (the main artery that served to send blood to the head and neck) then ‘walks’ through the bloodstream and stop at one of the branches of the retinal artery in the eye. As a result, closing the blood flow to the right eye, and then lead to blurred vision, even if only briefly,” said Georgalas.

After receiving treatment for 12 months, he finally gets a normal vision. Georgalas suggest if a person experiences a temporary loss of vision should be checked. Although it does not trigger the pain, it could be that pose a dangerous risk.

The blood vessels in the eye are often able to show all the symptoms of vascular disorders in the body. Doctors are very helpful in diagnosing the risk of cardiovascular disorders through examination of the eye.


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