4 Quick Ways to Eliminate Hiccups

quick ways eliminate hiccups

Hiccups can happen anytime and anywhere. However, the risk of occurrence more common in those who become smokers or likes to consume alcoholic beverages. Hiccups occur due to the contraction activity of muscles around the diaphragm.

Until now, hiccups considered not harmful. Even so, its presence can be very disturbing. To overcome this problem, there are some natural ways that can be done as quoted from Okezone page =

  1. Drinking cold water.
    By drinking cold water rapidly, is expected to soon relax the muscles that contract and trigger hiccups. You can do it with a drink of water while holding your breath. Repeat this three to four times.
  2. Peanut butter.
    Eating peanut butter can also be a way to heal hiccup. By eating two tablespoons of peanut butter, hiccups expected to stop after one minute later.
  3. Candy.
    Eating candy or sugar are advised to stop hiccups. Sweet foods is believed to be able to reset the state in the throat and cure hiccups.
  4. Honey.
    Honey can be used as cure hiccups. The trick just prepares a teaspoon of honey and dissolve in a glass of water. Drink honey water will relax the muscles in the diaphragm and throat at the same time.

Hopefully the four ways above useful to you.

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