Multiply Gratitude Turns Can Make Healthy Heart

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gratitude make healthy heart

Thankful is a very easy thing to say, but not everyone can do it. Although seemingly simple, gratitude that is implanted in the hearts will give a positive impact not only on mental health but also physical health, you know.

Research has shown that people who are grateful, proved to have a good heart health. Such a positive attitude will keep people from depression, or stress. Professor Paul Mills from the University of California San Diego School of Medicine reveals it as follows =

“A good mental attitude as always grateful will reduce the level of depression, stress and anxiety that can increase the risk of heart disease,” he explained.

Research conducted by Mills and a team of other scientists to observe the condition of the heart health of 186 men and women in old age. Page Health launch that the research method is by questionnaire. Respondents were asked to answer a number of questions related to the study.

Positive behavior is apparently related to the heart health of the elderly. Positive behavior was associated with heart health in the elderly. They are better able to appreciate the condition of the people, the place of residence, various aspects related to life, known to have a low level of inflammation in vital organs such as the heart. Lower inflammation in the heart is a sign that they are in healthy condition.

Mills and his team also conduct medical tests on 40 patients with heart disease, related to the level of inflammation and the rhythm of their heartbeats. Afterward, the patients are required to answer questions about what they are thankful for during the past week.

They also had to answer some other questions such as the condition of the family, children, pets, delicious food, and other things. The form of the answer must be writing reviews and stories.

In the period of two months, Mills did retest the heart condition related to inflammation and heart rhythms. As a result, their health condition better than before.

According to the professor, it turns out the activity write down what happened and felt by the patient make their condition a lot better.

“Focus on what you have, not on what you do not have. It will help you be grateful,” he said further.


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