4 Tips to Prevent Stretchmarks Appear on the Skin While Pregnant

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prevent stretchmarks while pregnant

White stripes with abstract forms on the surface of the skin or stretch marks that often arise during pregnancy, often making women uneasy. Scars are emerging as a result of stretched skin surface along with the increased size of the stomach during pregnancy. Elastic tissue that normally cannot hold then ripped on the bottom surface of the skin.

In fact, the occurrence of stretch marks can be prevented or eliminated its existence. But it will need patience and time is a bit long, because the skin grows and repair tissue, little by little. There are some tips that you can do to minimize the damage to the tissue.

  1. Enough to drink.
    Pregnancy should not make you reluctant to drink well. Consumption at least 8 glasses of water per day, so the skin stays hydrated tissue, and elasticity is maintained. Fruit juice is also good for the health of the fetus and your own body, as long as no additional sugar was given.
  2. Body lotion.
    Always apply a body lotion to the surface of the the stomach, buttocks, or some parts of the skin where stretch marks often arise. This will help moisturize the skin and keep it elastic.
  3. Keep your weight in order not rise drastically.
    Weight gain during pregnancy is normal. That is unnatural if weight gain is not controlled, and so suddenly chapped skin tissue. Keep your weight with often consume fruits and vegetables, as well as other nutrients in balance.
  4. Exercise.
    Pregnant women also need to exercise, even just walking around the house. This will help blood circulation, and fluid buildup does not occur in one part of the body due to less moving.

Stretchmarks is not a terrible thing because it appears when the baby is growing inside your womb. So face it with joy, ok.


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