Frequency of Checking Weight Can Actually Make Stress

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checking weight make stress

Checking weight regularly is necessary to keep ourselves in order not to obesity. However, if done excessively turned out to be a trigger of the emergence of stress to depression. It will especially be experienced by those who are obsessed to lose weight. Weigh the weight no longer aims to optimize health, but has been transformed into the curb activity of mind.

Quoted from the gulf News, a study published in the journal Nutrition Education and Behavior mention, someone might experience depression and decreased self-confidence when doing body weighing in extreme or too often.

“Teenage women who are very confident with the results of her weight scales reportedly involved in weight control behaviors that are extremely dangerous at a rate of 80 percent,” said Carly Pacanowski, author of the study from the University of Minnesota in the United States.

Obesity often makes teenagers experiencing dissatisfaction with body shape. They easily experience stress when the body weight is not as desired. One result is the occurrence of eating disorders. In a study involving 1.902 teens found that teens who often weigh weight during 10 years tend to be more concerned with weight, but also show symptoms of depression. In addition, it began to appear self-distrust and dissatisfaction with body shape.

“Then it is very important to note that obesity prevention programs were able to prevent detector showed poor results by understanding how behavior of weighing weight affects teens,” said Pacanowski.


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