Characteristics of Moles That Can Be Cancer

moles skin cancer

Some people have moles with an unusual shape. If you have one, beware because this could be a characteristic skin disorder that leads to skin cancer. More likely if any of your family tree there ever suffered from such diseases.

What the characteristics of a mole that has the potential to develop into skin cancer? Check below as quoted from Meet Doctor page.

  • The shape asymmetry.
    Note whether your moles shape unbalanced or asymmetry, not really round and shaped abstract.
  • Border (edge).
    The edges of the mole are irregular, or the skin looks rough.
  • Color.
    Normal moles are generally black. If it becomes brown, blue, or red so beware.
  • Size.
    Normal size is smaller than the diameter of a pencil. If it is larger, then it can be characteristic of early skin cancer.
  • Changed.
    A mole that changes shape, size, or color also needs to be examined further. Moreover, if remove fluid.
  • Location.
    If the location of the mole is located in parts of the body that are often exposed to the sun, more beware. For example, in the face, hands and feet, and neck.

Likewise when suddenly appeared a new mole that previously did not exist, and have characteristics as above. Immediately contact your doctor to do a biopsy or examination of skin cancer before it becomes worse.


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