5 Diseases That Cause You Frequently Thirsty

diseases cause thirsty

If you are always thirsty even though you have a lot of drinking, then maybe you are suffering from health problems or diseases. Thirst is the signal given by the body that you are in need of fluids immediately.

“Any condition that changes the amount of water or salt balance in the body can trigger thirst,” said Laura M. Hahn, MD primary care physician at Mercy Medical Center as reported by Doctor Meet page.

Therefore if you still feel hungry even have meet the normal requirements of drinking water, it could be a signal that something wrong in your body. Here are some of the causes that might occur when you are often thirsty =

  1. Diabetes.
    When the sugar content increases, the kidneys work harder because the body will be forced to dispose of excess glucose through the urine. You will be frequent urination, and it makes you often thirsty. Not only that, another characteristic is that you can also lose weight, fatigue, and irritability.
  2. Approaching menstruation.
    Approaching the menstrual period or during menstruation, the body will lose a lot of blood, so the urge to meet the needs of the body fluids become larger. Estrogen and progesterone hormones affect the volume of fluid in the body, so you need a lot of drinking.
  3. Dry mouth (xerostomia).
    The condition is abnormal mucous membranes in the mouth, which leads to reduced production of saliva. As a result, you have bad breath, difficulty chewing, thick saliva and continuous thirst.
  4. Anemia.
    Less blood also causes thirst because body fluids will be reduced. It is mainly experienced by women during menstruating. However, in women who are low thyroid hormone levels, the effect will be more felt.
  5. Low blood pressure.

    “Chronic stress can cause adrenal glands can not function properly, aand can cause blood pressure to below normal,” said Laura M. Hahn.

Thirst and add body fluids is a natural way to get rid of the stress symptoms.


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