Beware of Eye Stroke, Once Attacked Can Permanently Blind

eye stroke blind

Stroke disease not only attacks the blood vessels in the brain. Eyes can also get it. Eye stroke can arise from a variety of triggers that are influenced by lifestyle. Such as smoking, consuming alcohol beverages, rarely exercise, up to unhealthy food can be a trigger if used as a habit. Worse, eye stroke attack can instantly create permanent blindness.

A stroke occurs when the blood vessels of the eye become blocked. Eye stroke can attack the arteries and veins. If the stroke is attacking the artery, the patient only had time (the golden period) an hour to be handled so that vision is not 100 percent lost. When eye stroke occurs in the veins, then do not have the critical time limit. The more quickly addressed, the results are better.

Eye strokes have typical symptoms. Usually, before the attack, the patient experienced a sudden loss of sight. The blurring of vision is not accompanied by pain. At the time of the attack, usually only happens in one eye.

But eye stroke has higher risk occurred in people who have certain health problems. Among these are patients with hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, and people with blood diseases like anemia or leukemia, are more likely to experience it.

Eye stroke attack treated with surgery to address a pool of liquid in the eyes due to the leakage. Doctors immediately limit the damage or complications through the control of risk factors according to the circumstances experienced by the patient, such as whether they have diabetes, hypertension, and so on. It helps prevent repeated attacks in the future.


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