Why Smoking Can Cause Infertility? – The Reasons

smoking cause infertility

Warning of the dangers of smoking that can cause infertility as contained in cigarette packs is not a mere figment. The true danger. Toxins in cigarettes greatly affect reproductive health, especially for the male sperm. Sperm became more infirm and unable to perform fertilization of the egg cell.

According to a report in the medical journal Nutrifood Research Center, there are toxins in cigarette smoke that are directly able to influence the genetic material from people who are exposed to the smoke. One of the effects has an impact on sperm production. Sperm cells can decrease the amount of production. From the quality of sperm, these cells experienced a decline in the ability of motion (motility) as well as the change of the shape (morphology).

This condition makes the sperm to be “unfit” to fertilize an egg in a woman’s uterus. In fact, when the sperm ejected into the uterus during an intimate relationship, the cell must swim long distances to reach the egg. While the ability of motion is weak, then the sperm cells will die before can reach it.

From this then, a smoker would eventually become barren. Unfortunately, it can also be experienced by men who become passive smokers. Therefore, both smokers and passive smokers should start avoiding cigarettes, so that the health of our bodies stay fit and the sperm are also healthy. Meanwhile, women who smoke also decreases the chances of getting offspring to 60 percent.


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