Toothpaste Containing Miswak Can Make Teeth Whiter

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toothpaste miswak teeth whiter

From the various types of toothpaste that gives a claim can whiten teeth, one of which can be selected i.e. products with additional active ingredient Salvadora persica. These materials are often referred to as miswak that are taken from the wooden parts of the miswak. Miswak is able to clean the outside of the teeth that are stained so make it clean again.

The use of toothpaste with a miswak also is safe. In miswak, there is the content of silica which is useful for the purpose of cleaning the teeth better.

“There is silica in the composition of miswak that can scrape the colored part. So there are no side effects,” said Prof. Dr. Melanie S Djamil, drg, MBiomed, Professor of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Trisakti, as quoted from Detik Health page.

Toothpaste with miswak can not be said herbal. Because there is a combination of the modern chemical composition. If a toothpaste called herbs, then the composition must be entirely natural. In toothpaste typically use modern chemicals that act as preservatives.

“Actually a herbal toothpaste is not entirely pure herbs, just because one composition is said herbal,” he said.

In addition, it more importantly in brushing your teeth is a technique that applied. If the application is done by brushing teeth properly, then a variety of dirt on the teeth can be lifted. The effect is to prevent the teeth appear dull or yellowish.

“Simply brush your teeth three times a day with proper mechanical movement, and all will be clean, use any toothpaste does not matter,” said Prof Djamil.


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