Hold Your Pee Make Concentration Better, But Don’t Be Conditioned

hold pee concentration better

Hold your pee is not recommended for anyone. But when someone holds pee, it turns out there are benefits which can be felt by the body. People who hold pee could be affected positively to the psyche. They become more increased vigor or determination. According to a study quoted from Menshealth.

The study was done to see the link between holding pee with a working brain. Researchers Iris Blandon-Gitlin, Ph.D., professor of psychology at California State University, Fullerton, said that occurs in the brain impulse control that encourages increased vigor when someone is holding their pee.

The pressure on the bladder is making a part of the brain in action. The part is useful to fight the urge as at the time when want to hold urine. Such reaction is similar to the workings of the brain at a time against the desire to eat and can also improve one’s concentration.

Meanwhile, in a study in the Netherlands found, people who are in a state of hold pee is known to produce high value on a tough mental test than those who do not hold pee. Those who hold urine is not lost concentration. Instead, they have to get better concentration behind efforts to hold urine.

Even so, it is not advisable to let the urine too long in the bladder. So if there is a chance to throw it, you should immediately discard the urine. Because the lightest risks of this habit is a urinary tract infection, and the heaviest risk is the formation of urinary tract stones.


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