Beware, Bites of Humans Can Cause Serious Injuries

human bites cause injuries

Do you bite someone because of annoyance or upset? Usually, adults who feel irresistibly adorable with toddlers will bite the surface of their skin for playfulness. Or bite because angry with the person who has hurt you?

Although seem harmless, but the bite of a human can be just like an animal bite. Equally, trigger serious injuries, and contains large amounts of bacteria.

A study conducted in the UK revealed that even bite wounds of humans is more dangerous than the bite of an animal. Why?

Professor Stanislav Dusko Ehrich who works at the Dental Institute of King’s College, London expressing the reason as follows.

“The bite of a human can turn into a very dangerous wound,” he said quoted by the Dailymail website.

The cause is the type and number of bacteria in the human mouth very much. The bacteria will get into the skin when you bite someone, especially when it comes to causing injury.

“There are more than 700 types of bacteria in the human mouth. And if the bite through the skin, the bacteria will enter the body and cause serious health threat,” he explained further.

As a result, almost the same as the animal bites as well, which may arise wound infection. While it does not cause rabies as if you are bitten by a rabid dog. But surely there is a possibility of infection, swollen, red and painful.

“If a bite occurs, blood flow can not directly shed the toxins that can cause infection,” said a plastic surgeon.

So do not carelessly bite your baby or toddler because of irresistibly adorable, because it can transmit the bacteria from your mouth into the skin and body.


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