5 Things That Most Keep Germs at the Supermarket

germs at supermarket

The supermarket is the location where many people came with a variety of health and hygiene conditions. It makes the potential for germ gathering gets bigger, it also allows transmission occurs easily.

For that you should be aware of some things that most keep germs at the supermarket area, so do not touch it too often. Or if you touch the object, then immediately wash hands with soap after shopping at the supermarket.

Quoted from Thedailymeal, here are 5 things that most keep germs at the supermarket =

  1. Cashier.
    Cashier area could potentially save the most germs. This is because the money that is held by many people also will be held by the cashier. Many germs and bacteria stuck to the money due to the many hands that hold it.
  2. Credit card keypad.
    Credit card keypad is touched by a finger many people who pay using this payment type. As a result, many bacteria and germs from various hand stuck there.
  3. Shopping trolleys.
    Shopping trolleys, especially the handles too much touched by the hand. So this includes objects that most keep germs at the supermarket. Moreover, the trolley also rarely cleaned by officers supermarket, so imagine how many germs and dirty this place.
  4. Floor.
    Although the supermarket floor cleaned frequently, but never took the food falls on the floor to be eaten. Imagine how many thousand feet had stepped on the floor, and millions of germs that stick there is a source of disease.
  5. Shopping bags.
    Bookstores that provide shopping bags also save a lot of germs, you know. The bag is held by many people before you, so it definitely saves a lot of bacteria and germs.

Transmission of diseases caused by bacteria and germs can be minimized by frequent hand washing with antiseptic soap. So when returning from shopping at the market or supermarket, do not forget to wash the hands first.


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