6 Symptoms That Indicate High Toxins in the Body

high toxins body symptoms

Sometimes unconsciously, the body can actually accommodate many toxins. Piles of toxins in the body affect general health. The poison is actually needed soon to be removed so that the work of the body’s systems can be optimally again. To recognize the extent to which many toxins into the body, you can see from the perceived symptoms.

Quoted from Kompas, some of these symptoms may indicate that the accumulation of toxins in the body is already quite high =

  1. Tired of constantly.
    This prolonged tired as could not be cured by sleeping more. It could be the cause, the body is forced to work too much in the process of detoxification. The solution is not to drink coffee or eat calorie foods. Because the fatigue arising from the body’s response to hormonal disruptors, which ultimately can reduce immunity.
  2. Body weight tends to easily rise.
    When toxins in the body are high enough,a person’s weight becomes easy ride although already control the food and exercise. If this happens, you need to be suspicious of the possibility of hormonal disorders. Hormones of the body easily influenced its function by toxins, either from food or care products. Immediately do a detox and apply healthy diet.
  3. Mouth so smelly.
    People who have high levels of toxins tend to have mouth odor. This odor is associated with gastrointestinal problems, the liver organ is trying to detoxify. Until these toxins can be minimized, bad breath is not easily lost only by brushing or eating candy.
  4. Easy constipation.
    Many organs in the body that serve as a detox media, including the intestine. The gut is trying to remove toxins through the disposal of feces each day. When a person is constipated, there may be a lot of toxins into the intestines. The source from foods rich in preservatives, pesticides, and other chemicals.
  5. Muscle ache.
    This pain does not happen because someone is doing an activity. If so, then it is likely the body has a lot of toxins that disrupt the work of the muscles and the joints.
  6. Symptoms appear on the skin.
    Symptoms appear on the skin. The growth of acne, boils, itching, and so on, it is possible to occur due to the influence of body toxins. Abortion had crossed the threshold, causing the symptoms in the skin. Toxicity already passed the threshold, causing the symptoms in the skin.

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