How to Prevent Mouse Entering Your House and Make Nests

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prevent mouse enter house

If there is a mouse gets into our homes, we can be sure it will be noisy. The mouse will target where there is food at the same time looking for a cozy corner to stay. Sometimes unexpectedly, the mouse had offspring pretty much. As a result, the population is also increasing in the house. Residents ended up being quite prone to diseases carried by mouse.

Homeowners should prevent the arrival of this mouse before they understand the safe path to the house. Quoted from Kompas, a few ways you can do =

  • Suspect the presence of mouse when seen something unusual. For example, if a sudden there is a hole or a small hole can be a mouse ever entered the house. Immediately close the hole. Other marks are the typical strong smell of mouse, or there are footprints.
  • Do not let garbage mess. Garbage must always be closed and not easily accessible by mouse. Avoid storing garbage too long at home and immediately dispose of to a landfill managed by the local government.
  • Keep the house always clean. Mouse do not like a clean place. Including, clean the remaining food and store leftovers in containers.
  • Any loopholes which allow the mouse to enter, should be closed or sealed. For example the cavity under the door, window, and so on. Mouse can pass a gap of only 1.2 centimeters because the spine is quite flexible.
  • Tidy up the goods. A pile of goods in the warehouse became a favorite for mouse house. Trim systematically when preparing goods. Avoid sticking to the walls so that the movement of the mouse can easily monitored.

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