9 Signs That Your Body’s Blood Circulation Bad

sign blood circulation bad

Blood circulation works continuously without stopping transport more than 5 liters of blood every time. The circulation is what makes the normal functioning of the body organs, nutrients very well received, as well as the production of various hormones and body temperature becomes normal.

If blood circulation is bad, then it will be easy for you to experience a variety of health problems. Therefore you should recognize some of the early signs of blood circulation in your body is disrupted.

This will prevent the emergence of more severe disease in cardiac, brain, liver, kidney, and others. Reported by Boldsky page, below a sign that the blood circulation in your body is bad =

  1. Cold hands and feet.
    Poor blood circulation will make body temperature down, especially at the end of the body such as hands and feet.
  2. Swelling in the hands or feet.
    In addition to body temperature down, hands and feet are also often experience swelling due to poor kidney function (edema). There is accumulation of fluid in the feet and hands, so it looks enlarged and swollen.
  3. Fatigue.
    Due to a lack of supply of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, the muscles will easily fatigue. Breath also so short, muscular pain and lack of energy.
  4. Erectile dysfunction.
    For men, erectile dysfunction may also be a sign that your blood circulation is bad.
  5. Digestive problems.
    Due to lack of energy and nutrients that reach the digestive organs, the digestion becomes slow, and constipation occurs.
  6. Decreased brain function.
    Impaired concentration, decreased memory and dizziness and other symptoms also caused by poor blood circulation.
  7. Weak immune system.
    The body’s ability to fight disease would be weak due to decreased clean oxygen supply, sufficient nutrients and other things carried by the blood. The result you will get sick.
  8. Decreased appetite.
    Hunger signals sent by the brain to the liver organ will be weak and slow, due to lack of sufficient blood circulation. The result you will lose your appetite.
  9. Blue skin or bruising.
    Skin color change due to oxygen is not smoothly getting to some parts of the body. The color of the skin will turn pale, blue (cyanosis) and sometimes a little bruised.

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