Don’t Panic! This First Aid When Children Had a Fever

first aid children fever

Fever is one of the signals from the body that is being fought against viral or bacterial pathogens. With the warmer body temperature, the bacteria are expected to die and not to carry out the infection. Even so high temperature during a fever, but should always be monitored. Especially when fever affects children, their bodies are certainly quite uncomfortable.

Body declared fever when the temperature reaches 37.5 to 38.5 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, the treatment can still be done at home with a simple way. Therefore, every home should have a thermometer, as a means of checking fever. First aid to overcome the fever is to compress on the forehead of the child.

But do not carelessly in a compress. We recommend using warm water and a clean towel while doing so. Warm water helps reduce fever. If the compression wears cold water (ice water), then there is the case diminution of blood vessels. This led to the failure of evaporation on the skin pores. As a result, the heat can not evaporate from the body.

In addition to the forehead, towel compresses can also be rubbed on the back, underarms, and folds in the groin. It helps the body temperature slightly down.

“If in the ER, when there is a child with a fever, we would usually rub their back with warm water aim to accelerate the evaporation due to dilation of blood vessels so that the pores will open,” said Dr. Dita Elvina, Coordinator ER emergency, from the UB Children and Women Hospital, as quoted from Detik Health.

Fever in children, said Dr. Dita, can help healing with herbs. There are several herbs commonly found in the kitchen, is quite effective to help evaporation on the skin. In addition to therapy, children also should get plenty of rest in advance until the state of the body improves.

“Treatment with herbs such as smear the child’s body with red onion, eucalyptus oil, etc. can also help prevent evaporation which causes the release of heat from the body. So the herbal therapy is also recommended for simple handling at home,” she said.


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