Due to Frequent Chewing Gum This Woman Must Undergo Jaw Surgery

claire embleton chewing gum jaw surgery

Claire Embleton (38) is women who must undergo jaw surgery as a result of chewing gum up to seven hours each day. Finally, Claire will reportedly face a major operation to restore the shape of the jaw.

The negative impact habit of chewing gum it can damage the joints on the side of the mouth, this is what should be experienced by Claire so that she can not open her mouth, even more than one cm, terrible!

Worse, the operation is claimed to leave a scar on her face, because the surgeon would cut off part of her face to replace the joint with metal.

Claire was surprised when knowing the bad effects of gum chewing habit turned out to be dangerous. The habit of chewing gum was already going on for five years, and continuously she did.

“I always believe chewing gum is a healthy habit. I chew after eating and drinking. In fact, I eat sugar-free gum, so I always imagine this habit is very healthy and not dangerous,” said Claire.

According to the story from Claire, actually two years ago she had heard a ‘click’ on the jaw joints every chew, but she never worried because it does not cause pain. Every day, the mother of four children can chew gum to five hours, continued on the weekend she could eat chewing gum to seven hours.

Eventually, she had to feel the adverse effects of the habit of chewing gum when her mouth can not be opened at all. Her jaw suddenly froze and could not be opened, but a minute before she was able to laugh and talk normally.

After visiting the dentist, she was known to experience Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJD). Doctors also explained if the adverse effects habit of chewing gum that is usually done by Claire has been far from the category of healthy habits.

Furthermore, the doctor said that if the jaw is not supposed to be used to chew constantly, but must rest after eating. Following the doctor’s advice, she finally stopped chewing gum and hope it can restore the function of the jaw.

During the last six months, Claire should also follow physiotherapy and arthroscopic surgery to remove thickened cartilage and scar removal. Unfortunately, these treatments are not successful, so this time Claire is waiting for jaw replacement surgery.

“In daily events, chew sugar-free gum after meals are very useful especially for the health of teeth and gums because it stimulates the production of saliva. It can neutralize the acid from the bacteria that cause cavities. Excessive pressure on the jaw due to chewing or biting of food can cause problems such as sore jaw, jaw stiffness, headaches and even difficult to move,” said Professor Damien Walmsley, researchers and dental health advisory from the British Dental Association.


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