Have a Lover Facilitate Recovering from Illness

have a lover

The presence of a partner in life greatly affects the healing of someone who is sick. Treatment becomes more effective with the support of their lover. This was revealed by a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

In the findings of researchers, support of special figure capable of restoring a person’s condition more quickly. It is obtained from cases of disease experienced by patients with heart surgery. The recovery of patients who have undergone heart surgery by surgeons and nurses, it usually takes a long time to get maximum recovery. But interestingly, the patients were known to have been married, have had an average of the data recovered faster than those who are still single or divorced.

Quoted from ABC News, the study involved 1.576 adults aged over 50 years. They were there who had undergone heart surgery or have recently undergone heart surgery. The research focuses on the state of post-operative patients and also investigate their marital status.

As a result, patients who have been married more significant gain healing, rather than those who are single. Other results were obtained, those who have not been married more at risk of death by 40 percent. Those who are single also likely to experience disability approximately two years after treatment.

“There is always a feeling that people who have someone to support them tend to want to do the best for the person. Most cardiac surgeons will agree that emotional stress will complicate the surgery”, said Dr. Ashish Shah, head of heart transplantation at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

“If you have someone who supports, which is always there to help you, I think you will do everything to make them happy and live longer together,” he added.


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