Food Wrapped in Newsprint Can Trigger Cancer

food wrapped newsprint cancer

Be careful when using paper as wrapping food. The paper that is not “food grade” can actually harm the body. Including the use of waste paper a newspaper or magazine to drain fried foods, is not recommended. The ink used in printing media can contain harmful substances.

“Waste paper including newspapers and magazines should not be used to wrap food directly because it contains lead which if accumulated in the body can be harmful to health,” said Muhammad Adjidarmo, paper industry observers, as quoted from Detik Health.

The use of newsprint or magazines to wrap food, thus considered commonplace in most societies today. Yet when the paper is in contact with food – especially foods that stay edible – lead substance can be directly contaminating. When the food is consumed, the lead substance switch goes into the body.

Adjidarmo said, often found people wearing newsprint to wrap food due to lack of education. They still lack knowledge and awareness of side effects to the body.

On the other side, the use of brown wrapping paper and duplex cartons is also not recommended. Materials commonly used to wrap rice box, a box of snacks, and rice packets is recycled paper.

“Duplex cartons and brown wrapping paper made from recycled paper which may have been contaminated and containing printing inks, adhesives, waxes, dyes and other chemicals,” he said.

The safest is to use papers that are “food grade.” Usually shaped carton food grade, which can not be penetrated by the oil. This paper material from natural fibers, pure white color, no spots, and is free from harmful substances.

“In terms of the environment is also environmentally friendly because it is made from natural fibers that are biodegradable,” said Adjidarmo.


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