7 Habits Signs of Children Affected by Intestinal Worms

children intestinal worms

A sign of intestinal worms is indeed sometimes confusing. Although already regularly consume worm medicine, can you still wondering, could it be that children are still affected by intestinal worms? The worms can be lodged in the baby’s gut and stay there without showing any symptoms.

The danger, worms in the body can absorb the vitamins and minerals in the body of the child so that their health deteriorated.

If children who are exposed to worms ignored or untreated, further potentially malnutrition, iron deficiency, as well as experiencing low weight and impaired physical health.

Well, if you’re wondering whether your child is experiencing this, let’s consider to the signs of children affected by intestinal worms =

1. Spitting.
Sign of children affected by intestinal worms is they often spit. Well, do not trigger a scolding if you see your child spit without cause. Ask what makes them spit. The reason this does not necessarily indicate a bad temper. In children with intestinal worms, increased saliva in the mouth often occurs due to the impact of the presence of worms.

2. Foul-smelling feces.
Feces emit foul smell very piercing is a sign of an infection in their stomach. Infections caused by worms could be the cause of a very foul stools aroma.

3. Pain in stomach.
This is a common symptom of intestinal worms. Although indeed, abdominal pain has many possible disturbances in the body. But, most likely this is a sign of children exposed to intestinal worms, especially when accompanied by other signs of disorders of intestinal worms.

4. Itching around anus.
Worms in the body usually reach the anus in the early morning, this is what makes the area anal irritation and itching. It would be very disturbing for children, especially toddlers.

5. Experiencing sleep disorders.
Signs of children affected by intestinal worms above, i.e., abdominal pain, itching, and increased production of saliva can cause a child’s anxiety and lead to sleep disturbance at night. So when the child sleeplessness accompanied by other complaints, likely they are exposed to intestinal worms.

6. Likes to putting something into the mouth.
One of the causes of worms enters the body because children often insert stuff into their mouth. Be it toys, clothes, or even a rock in the yard.

Because the objects could have been contaminated with worms. When contaminated objects get into the child’s mouth, then the worms can move into the child’s body.

In addition, when a child has been contaminated by the worm, then the child will be more likely to perform this activity. Especially if this habit is accompanied by a decrease in appetite.

7. Skin rashes.
Although very rare, but worms can also cause a rash or pimples on the skin. This skin disorder can also be red spots on the hands and feet.


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