Can Diagnose Cancer Cells from a Drop of Blood?

diagnose cancer from blood

Recent news reports that a diagnosis of cancer cells from a drop of blood can now be done. Reportedly, the researchers are working to enhance the new technique of examination a diagnosis of cancer cells from a drop of blood that is considered able to save time, money and minimal trauma to the patient.

Before the news about the diagnosis of cancer cells from a drop of blood is circulating, as we know, today cancer is mostly detected using a scan and biopsy tissue.

A team of scientists from the VU University Medical Centre in Amsterdam found that platelets in the blood of cancer patients contain unique genetic markers. Their findings, published in the medical journal Cancer Cell indicates it might be able to distinguish between people with cancer and which are not. According to them, the certainty of almost 95%.

Lead researcher Dr. Tom Wurdinger and his team studied blood samples from more than 200 cancer patients with a variety of diagnosis and prognosis. They can bring up not only cancer cells but also the type of cancer and its spread area.

They, the scientists were also able to identify the origin of the primary tumor with an accuracy of 71%, which includes six types: breast tumor, colorectal, pancreas, glioblastoma, hepatobiliary, and carcinoma lung cancer non-small cell.

“We are working on a blood test that is efficient. This technique is expected to be available in 2020. The newly developed technique has been tested on the most common type of tumor and widely applicable,” said Dr. Wurdinger, as reported by

As mentioned earlier, this research is still in the experimental stage, but there is hope to prove to be a major breakthrough in the diagnosis of cancer cells from a drop of blood.


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