6 Essential Nutrients Appropriate for Busy People

essential nutrients busy people

The job often makes you forget to live a healthy lifestyle? If yes, you actually are the losers. The reason, not a few people who are very busy with work or daily activities actually skipped intake of foods that are healthy and nutritionally balanced.

Not infrequently, they who are busy and do not consume healthy foods more often at risk of developing the deadly disease. For good health, you are not only getting enough exercise, because food intake is very important. Let know 6 essential nutrients appropriate for busy people.

  1. Carbohydrates.
    Carbohydrates, in fact, essential for all living things. Food components in it include oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon atoms. All components are a source of energy that can stimulate the brain and muscles of the body and deliver energy to the various functions of the body. Carbohydrate-containing foods are rice, potatoes, or bread. Carbohydrates become the first components of the right essential nutrients for busy people.
  2. Fat.
    Although often avoided, but the fat is important as one of the sources of energy for the body. The important thing is not consumed in excess. Fats will also make the body gets the essential fatty acids that are beneficial for the skin and other body parts. In addition, the fat also function to dissolve vitamin A, D, E, and K that are good for the eyes as well as blood circulation.
  3. Protein.
    Protein serves as a source of amino acids that the body uses to build and replace cells damaged. Protein can be found in foods, such as nuts, cheese, or meat. Protein is an important component of proper nutrition for busy people another. Protein is other essential nutrient components appropriate for busy people.
  4. Calcium.
    Calcium serves to strengthen human bones and tooth. Strong and healthy bones, of course, important to our busy activity. Sources of calcium may be obtained from milk and cheese.
  5. Sodium.
    The balance of liquid and water absorption in the body must be maintained properly so that the sodium contained in salt should not be abandoned.
  6. Potassium or Kalium.
    Potassium together with sodium in the body works to increase water equilibrium and heartbeat. Potassium source can be found in fruits, such as bananas and oranges.

Well, hopefully, the list of six essential nutrients for busy people above you can begin to apply in the diet.


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